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Exodus End
Olivia Cunning


by Olivia Cunning

Toni is given a project for her job:

…hang out with the band for a month and become an insider.

A few obstacles falter her assurance in herself. She’s a caregiver to her mentally handicapped sister who relies on her a lot. Toni has moments where she questions if she’s the right person to write a book about the band.

Being a 25 year old virgin didn’t surprise me but the fact she jumped into bed with a band member shortly after meeting him seemed very out of character for her. Logan, the band member, becomes her teacher in all things pertaining to sex.

I really loved the original series, Sinners on Tour, and can see the potential for the future books in Exodus End.
Rock stars + Sex = A Rockin Time *if this van’s a rockin don’t come a knockin*
I’m especially looking forward to DARE MILLS who I think the majority of us ladies are wanting to hear his story.

Exodus Ends series is a spin off of Sinners on Tour series. Each series can be read as a standalone series. You do meet some of the band members from Sinners on Tour but it’s clearly explained who they are.

Insider (Exodus End, #1) by Olivia Cunning Outsider
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