#CelebrateReading ~ Turn Up The Heat ~ Sinfully Sexy + #Giveaway


March is National Reading Month

In celebration of March being National Reading Month were sharing with you some book recommendation from readers who love romance as much as we do here on Foxy Blogs.

Today we're sharing some books that will turn up the heat.

I just read 100 pages, and that’s all it took for me to recognize brilliance.

Needless to say, Jonathan and Monica are hot, hot, hot together. And it’s not the same old, same old sexy times. It’s fucking brilliant sexy times!!! ~Jennifer

¡Ay, caramba! Wow, that was a scorching, hot book. Dark and dirty!!

Blood & Roses series is a fast paced short stories that are told in six parts. All the books are published and available. There's is no stopping me now... I must keep reading to find out what happens next. ~Amy

#OMGILoveThisBook!!!!!!!!! JA Huss - I freaking love you!!

I LOVE the alternating POV between Grace and Vaughn. I love that the plot is about social media - who isn't on Facebook and Twitter these days? ~Bella

Well that was something else. Really well done and intense, I mean intense as in what is going to be said next or revealed next.

Really quite a well written and brilliant story. Loved listening to the narrator, he did a fabulous job. ~Cindy


Well, Olivia Cunning can add another fan to her "Sinners" series!!

I loved this book and it was a book I had such a hard time to put down. This author knows how to write a "steamy" sex scene and there are plenty of them to satisfy my love of reading the scorching scenes!! I could go on all day about this book but I will just say that if you haven't read it yet, then I strongly recommend it!!! ~Jen

We hope you enjoyed these selections.  Stay tuned for more reading recommendations.

We're offering a way to buy some of these fabulous books we're recommending.  See below on how to enter to win a $20.00 Amazon gift card.



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