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Elle Casey

“Life is never boring with you around, Candice, that’s for sure.”
Candice is the best friend to the heroine from book one – ‘Shine Not Burn’. For her two week vacation she’s come to Oregon from Florida to visit her bestie, Andie. Unfortunatenly for this sunshine girl – she’s arrived during the snowy months. Right away we learn that Candice is a mixture of being high maintenance and a kick-butt-and-take-names type of attitude.

“A dramatic moment?”
For me this book had some overdone drama that made it hard for me to connect with Candice. At times I found her actions to emulate those of a teenage girl.

Even though, I didn’t connect with the the story like I had hoped it still had some fun moments for me. The majority of my friends gave this book 5 stars … so take my review with a grain of salt.

Shine Not Burn by Elle Casey MacKenzie Fire (Shine Not Burn, #2) by Elle Casey

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