Foxy Blogs welcomes Kim to the blog

Below is the new ABOUT US page. 

The story of us (Amy & Kim)!
Amy and Kim met on Goodreads in 2013.  They did some group buddy reads with each other and chatted books from time to time. Then it happened … 2014 New Years Day & a buddy read of the THE BRONZE HORSEMAN.  That sealed the deal on them becoming best book friends!  Over the last couple years, they’ve read so many books & series together that they’ve lost track of them all.  Reading a book together on New Years Day is now a decided tradition. 2015 was kicked off by listening to the audio of FIGHT CLUB.  Why Fight Club you ask? Well, you see Kim told Amy they could no longer be friends if she hadn’t seen the movie FIGHT CLUB.  Over Christmas break Amy decided to watch that movie, thinking it was going to be like the book BEAUTIFUL DISASTER.  Needless to say, Amy was in for the shock of her life.  She was left with so many questions. Well what’s a girl to do? One internet search later and it was discovered that the book ending was different from the movie ending. Thus, the decision was made. Fight Club would be their first 2015 read together.

In the meantime Amy had been running Foxy Blogs since the Spring of 2014 and had asked Kim if she wanted to join.  Amy made a very clear & valid case about how time consuming blogging is and how great things could be with combined efforts… Kim wanted to see first hand what the book blogging craze was all about by creating her own blog, Reading in the Red Room, in the Spring of 2015.  All the while, they continued talking about doing this blog thing together  … FINALLY they decided to stop talking about it and JUST DO IT.

And that’s the story of how Kim & Amy became Foxy Blogs.

The story of Foxy Blogs.
The story starts before the blog started. I’ve been on Goodreads since 2012 and I was in a buddy read group with another Amy. The group decided to cut down on confusing us they would call me Foxy because of my last name.  Now, jump to 2014, I had been arc reading over the last couple years for authors and one thing I frequently heard was they wished I had a blog to promote their books on.  I mentioned it a time or two to my husband but never pursued it beyond saying, I might like a blog.  Early Spring of 2014 my husband presented me with Foxy Blogs.  He named it and designed it and all I had to do was just add the content.  To say I was overwhelmed and surprised is an understatement. Thanks, Mr. Foxy (our tech guy).

A little bit about Amy.
I’m a mom and wife.  I have three teenagers so you can probably imagine how at times the stuff happening around me seems like I’m living in my own Young Adult book.  I spend a lot of time reading in the midst of running my teens to their activities.  My reading fluctuates depending on what I am in the mood for but one thing that stays the same is I like my reading to have some element of romance in it.  Even if the romance is just a small piece.


A little bit about Kim.
Opinionated, multi-tasking, nerd-master extraordinaire.  Sarcasm is my friend. When I’m not busy working at my FT job, being a mom or (literally) running around, I can be found with my nose in a book.  I’m an eclectic reader.  I will pick up pretty much any genre, but prefer a romantic story line.

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9 thoughts on “Foxy Blogs welcomes Kim to the blog

  1. I just Loved this little ‘friendship-story’ ♥
    and Amy – you husband did your blog! WOW, Mr Foxy is quite Romantic then 😉

  2. Congrats, my lovelies ladies! What a wonderful story how you meet and it’s just great to see you’ve now teamed up. And Amy, gotta say that Mr. Foxy sounds like an awesome guy 😉

    S xo

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