Goodwill Hunting #4

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Goodwill Hunting is a weekly feature on Foxy Blogs.
I hope you enjoy this segment, and if you missed last week’s click here.

My addiction to second-hand books can take me on some fun, bookish adventures.

Come Goodwill Hunting with me!

This week’s adventure is ….

Where oh where did my husband go?

It’s inevitable. When I go on the quest for a great second-hand read, my dearly devoted man often accompanies me. Unfortunately, books aren’t often enough to keep him occupied. Although I can spend hours scouring the shelves … he only manages to fake interest for about half that time. While he likes books, he doesn’t quite hold my level of enthusiasm. So what keeps him busy?


While I’m here:



He’s here:


While I’m doing this:


He’s doing this:


And, sometimes the things we look at overlap. Like this:


At the end of the day we’re both happy.


This is just one more reason that I love my hobby … I get to share it with my love.

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Author: Kim B

4 thoughts on “Goodwill Hunting #4

  1. That is so cute that you do that together. My hubby doesn’t read at all. He must love me though because he listens to me…or pretends to, talk about books and doesn’t mind that I devote hours to reading.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 ♥

    1. LOL! My husband doesn’t normally want to hear me talk about books … he just likes the idea of searching through cool old stuff to see what he might find. He has read a grand total of 3 books this year (which may be his all-time record) … he prefers sifting through the DVD’s and music. Yours sounds like he’s probably even more tolerant than mine 😉

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