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KA Tucker


KA Tucker delivers an intense opening scenes. After I started this one I knew I was in for a great suspense filled book.

”I need you to find that recording.”
Ivy witnessed a crime that has put her in harm’s way and left her reeling with what she should do. Fortunately, for her, a stranger enters into her life at the right moment. This mystery man happens to be Sebastian who has been given the mission to find a missing recording. For him to accomplish this task he has to scope out Ivy and get close to her.

Tattoo Time.
What better way to get to know someone than to let them tattoo to you. Especially when that person you’re trying to get to know is a skilled tattoo artist. Ivy spends some much time tattooing Sebastian she quips, “After seven hours under my needle, we’ll practically be married.”


Gah, I loved this enigma of a man. A man of very little words who unless he has something that needs to be said he’s not opening up. After reading all four books in this series Sebastian has become my favorite guy. I love his calm and quiet demeanor. Ivy was drawn to his discreet manner along with the fact that he has a reliable vibe.

Ms. Tucker created a fantastic series filled with romance and suspense.

RELEASE DATE: October 27, 2015
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