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by Sawyer Bennett

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As always, I have to begin by mentioning the smokin’ hot covers for this series. Who knew under all that padding there were men with six packs?!

I can see the headlines now. Can a woman run a hockey team?
Gray has become the general manager of the Cold Fury team and as woman in a man’s world she’s has to gain the respect of her team. Of course, there are men who don’t want a woman for their boss. Gray has her haters and in spite of it all she has a stiff backbone. #HatersGonnaHate

… my goal. To turn this team into champions.
Setting goals for her team and players is her first step towards working with the men on her team.

”This is not a fling. It’s not a one-time thing.”
Ryker is a single dad whose wife dumped him for a 19 year old hotshot on his former team. My heart was already won over for him when I knew he stepped up to raise his girls. And then when he backs Gray as their new boss I was on fully on board of the Ryker train.

We’re missing unification.
A team divided is no team at all. The wedge created by the non acceptance of a woman boss makes the team struggle to move forward.

It’s complicated.
Meanwhile, getting involved with your boss on a romantic level further complicates the team’s division. Gray & Ryker’s secret relationship looms over their heads as they progress slowly together.

Another great edition to the Cold Fury series. I love the plotline of a woman running a male hockey team. It’s groundbreaking news happen in today’s sports news with these stories hitting the headlines: Jen Welter became the first female coach in a men’s professional football and Sarah Thomas became the first full-time female official.

RELEASE DATE: 9/8/2015
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