Review – Shadowboxer by Cari Quinn


Cari Quinn

3.5 Stars


I liked it … even if it did make me feel old.


Overall, this story is well done. There is some originality with the main character being a female MMA fighter – I really enjoyed that angle of the story, the idea that she was fighting a physical and an emotional battle was really well thought out. I especially liked that she could keep up with the men & was anxious to fight one.
There is a lot of detail to this story; physical trauma, emotional trauma, secrecy and lies, family love, family hate, more family drama, self-loathing, abuse, anxiety attacks, lots of steamy sex, sexual hang ups, some kink, and a set up for more drama …. Are you exhausted yet? I am. Even with it being a well written book, I just felt like it was too much.

It was hard to connect to the characters. Perhaps they got lost in all the excess … OR … Perhaps it’s because they are just so darn young & I, apparently am not. There were numerous references that were added to showcase how young these people are … well let’s just say that I felt every one of my 40 years stacking up against me; which I then held in contempt against the characters – I’m an envious old bitch, what can I say!

Despite any of my negative feelings, it was a fairly enjoyable read. The next book sounds promising too … so I will probably just suck up my feelings & read it.

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