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(The Brazen Bulls MC #7)

Susan Fanetti


Tulsa, Oklahoma, 2001.

Caleb Mathews is caught between two worlds: Osage Nation, the world of his ancestors, and the Brazen Bulls MC, the world of his brothers. Straddling both, he struggles to be steady in either. The pull he feels most strongly is to his club. There, he knows he’ll someday find his place to stand. But to choose them is to betray his blood.

After her father’s violent death, Cecily Nielsen turned her back on the Brazen Bulls—the world that her father helped create, and the only family she’d ever known. Now, she’s lost in the dark, unsure of what she has or who she is. Going nowhere, toward nothing, and spiraling out of control.

When Cecily finds herself in danger, it’s the Bulls she calls for rescue, and Caleb who answers. She doesn’t want to need the Bulls, whom she blames for her father’s death—and she especially doesn’t want to need Caleb, who’s seen her at her worst. But in her lowest moment, she calls out for the family she remembers, and Caleb brings her home.

At Cecily’s side as she finds her footing, Caleb finds his as well. Together, they stand on solid ground, and they keep each other steady when the club and the world itself fall into chaos.

The one who’s seen the worst of you and stays strong at your side is the one to hold close.


STAND is both a verb (have or maintain an upright position, supported by one’s feet) and a noun (an attitude toward a particular issue; a position taken in an argument) and it’s what’s represented between the pages of this book.

The story covers many deeper topics than just a guy and a girl falling in love. Everything from consent to social justice fills the pages. 
When are lines crossed and rape happens?!
When do your words turn from ignorance to being racist?!
Is someone’s prejudice okay because of their skin color?!

Caleb and Cecily’s love story covers these issues plus more. We meet these two in an earlier book after they had a drunken night together that didn’t end well. That one night didn’t define them and years later when they are reconnected they are able to work past that night along with Cecily issues with the club.

Caleb’s Osage name which means ‘He Who Stands Alone’was bestowed upon him by his grandfather. The name is very fitting because Caleb is living a life that’s split – one in the “white” world and one within his tribe. The struggle for Caleb is felt deeply between the two cultures he exists in.

STAND is the seventh book in Brazen Bulls MC series. You can read this series without having read any of the other MC series Ms. Fanetti has written, so far. This series is set back, in time, before her other series … it starts out in the 90’s and continues into the ’00’s. If you love the thrill of intense scenes mixed with strong characters than this series is for you! ACTUALLY, ALL of Ms. Fanetti’s books are for you. There’s no sugarcoating happening in these books. The characters are strong and battle through each situation to come out a better version of themselves.


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