Review: THE WALL OF WINNIPEG AND ME by Mariana Zapata


Mariana Zapata

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by [Zapata, Mariana]

YES! Loved this one!

Two things got me to read this book:
1) I received a tweet from my best friend Sara telling me that said she had read this book and I needed to read it. The last time she said that to me was for a book I had passed over because the cover didn’t catch my eye. The original cover of‘The Hook Up’ didn’t do it for me. Luckily, she told me to read it because it became one of my favorite reads of 2014.
2) Book Babes Unite had a giveaway offering 3 of Ms. Zapata’s books. I entered and was the lucky winner. I was beyond excited to win because Reanell from BBU told me how great these books are and to expect a slow burn romance.

Prior to winning these books the sheer size of Ms. Zapata’s books had held me back from giving them a try. I wasn’t sure if I could find the time to read a book that size. I was assured that once I started the book it would go by quickly.

Reanell from BBU was right that this story delivers a slow burn romance. It’s actually a book I’m going to recommend my mom read because she enjoys romance stories as long as they aren’t filled with sex scene upon sex scene.

Even though this was a slow burn I wasn’t frustrated by their relationship. A lot of times I will get frustrated and want to yell, “JUST KISS THE GIRL!” But the pacing of the story didn’t make me sexually frustrated at the characters. Their relationship had to grow through employee/employer-to- I tolerate your presence -to- I want to be friends.

“I deserve better, asshole.” ~Vanessa

Aiden “The Wall of Winnipeg Graves was a hero we don’t encounter very often in romance books. Yes, at times, he was a total jerk and aloof to those around him but at the same time, he wasn’t the type of jerk that chases skirts. He was single-minded when it came to his life and career which left him little time to form relationships with others. His uninterested presence leads to Vanessa, his assistant, feeling undervalued and unappreciated. Their rocky start is a major obstacle that they had to figure out before they could move forward together.

One of my favorite aspects of the story is how the slow burn didn’t affect my enjoyment of the love story. The story felt believable on how the characters came to fruition with their feelings. I was held captive from the beginning of the story to the end of it. The Wall of Winnipeg and Me was my first book by Ms. Zapata but it won’t be my last.


I won this book and 2 others (Kulti & Under Locke) from Book Babes Unite giveaway. Thank you, ladies! ♥

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