Review: The Year We Hid Away


(The Ivy Years #2)

Sarina Bowen


Could you give up the love of your life to save the child who depends on you?

I used to be like the other Harkness Hockey players, worrying only about the next game or the next party. But that all changed the day I became my little sister’s protector. Only by keeping Lucy hidden and acing my course load will we survive the year.

But then I meet Scarlet, who sees me as more than just a star athlete or a party boy. I fall hard for her. But darkness follows Scarlet, too. When her past comes to light, so does a horrible truth: I can’t save everyone. But I’ll never stop trying.

If you love a strong hero, a fierce heroine and the ivy-covered glamour of college life, dive right in to The Year We Hid Away.


WOW! This was the college sports romance that I didn’t know I needed.

Both Bridger and Scarlet are hiding a life-changing secret. Neither knows the other secret.

Scarlet went as far as changing her name to keep her identity hidden at her new college. Her secret is something I’ve never read in any romance book and I was super curious how the author was going to resolve it. If you are curious what her secret is –(view spoiler)

Bridger’s mom has gotten messed up with drugs which has left him as the caregiver of his 8-year-0ld sister. To make matters even messier he’s been keeping her in his dorm room.

I really enjoyed this book.

This can be read as a standalone (same goes for book 1).

Audiobook source: Audible Plus
Narrator: Nick Podehl & Saskia Maarleveld
Length: 7H 27M

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