2017 READING CHALLENGE FINALE hosted by @TiedupinRomance

Tied Up In Romance hosted a 2017 Reading Challenge and we joined them!


    • It will run until the end of 2017.
    • Hosted by  Tied Up In Romance.
    • Here is the list of categories for the challenge:
    • A book:
       you’ve loved (easily a re-read)

      ⇒ set somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit

      ⇒ everyone but you had read

      ⇒ you bought so long ago you don’t remember it

      ⇒ written by a male author

      ⇒ that made you «ugly cry»

      ⇒ by a new author (to me)

      ⇒ with more than 400 pages

      ⇒ recommended by a friend

      ⇒ with no «people» on the cover

      ⇒ with a yellow cover

      ⇒ that made you laugh out loud

      ⇒ published in 2015

      ⇒ outside your comfort zone

      ⇒ you finished in one day

      ⇒ with bad reviews

      ⇒ with the most gorgeous cover ever

We completed the challenge and were able to meet all 17 categories? 

Did you do a reading challenge this year?  If so how’d you do?


Author: Foxy

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