Review ~ Willing Victim by Cara McKenna


by Cara McKenna

I just finished reading this book for the THIRD time! <3
It’s been remastered – some details have changed slightly & the ending has been lengthened (halleluja!) … I couldn’t have asked for any more!

4 Sinfully Delicious Stars

Can you say HOT ?

This book is probably not for everyone. There is a warning in the front of the book – it should be taken seriously.
I was not one of those people … this was so far up my alley o_O
Laurel and Flynn are totally hot together. The sex is incredibly intense. But there is an actual storyline here as well – although it really wasn’t explored quite as deeply as it could have been. There could have been a lot more to this story & it would have made this frantic sex romp a 5 star read.
The only thing I didn’t overly enjoy was the use of the term“girl”. It wasn’t it’s derogatory use that bothered me … I think it just didn’t fit somehow … not really sure I understand my own reaction to it, just that it wasn’t for me.

Overall a very good, erotic, hot read.

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