Ruthless People

Ruthless People Book Cover Ruthless People
Ruthless People
J.J. McAvoy


***Warning: This book contains adult language and subject matter including graphic violence and explict sex that may be disturbing for some readers. This book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.***

To the outside world, they look like American Royalty, giving to charities, feeding the homeless, rebuilding the city. But behind closed doors is a constant battle for dominance between two Bosses, cultures, and hearts.

Fury burned in his eyes as he breathed roughly through his nose. “My mother told me never to hit a woman, but you are pushing my limits.”

“Funny, my father told me the same thing. Would you like me to apologize?” I pushed my thumbs to his eyes, forcing him to let go of my throat.

We fought and struggled on the ground like savage animals before he picked me up and threw me into the nearest wall.

Ruthless People is a romantic crime fiction set in modern day Chicago, following the life and marriage of Melody Nicci Giovanni and Liam Callahan—rivals by blood and leaders through fear. Their marriage was arranged by their fathers in hopes to end years of bloodshed between the Irish and the Italians.

Liam, next in line to lead the Irish, believes he’s getting a simple-minded wife, one he can control, one who bends to his every need . . . the complete opposite of Melody. Bred to be a Boss, a world-class marksman, master of disguise, with no mercy and no fear. Twenty-four years later, she has achieved more than any man could even dream of, killing anyone who steps in her way. She knows exactly what type of man Liam is, and she would rather die than give up the power she has spent her whole life building. But with no other family left, she must not only learn to work with Liam, but the whole Callahan clan.

The Mafia of the past is evolving, and with rival bosses gunning for them, Melody and Liam will have to figure out how to work as one to take down those who stand in their way, all while keeping up appearances.

Power, Family, and Respect are everything.

Foxy's Review:

Ruthless People is a romantic crime fiction set in modern day Chicago, and follows the life and marriage of Melody Giovanni and Liam Callahan—rivals by blood and leaders through fear. 
I knew I wanted to read this book. Thank you, SueBee, for sharing Liam with me. *muah* ♥


ONE You kill for family. You die for family. Because you can’t trust anyone else.

TWO Take no prisoners and have no regrets about it.

THREE Just because you sell drugs for a living isn’t an excuse not to dress well.

FOUR No bloody divorce.


SIXTEEN Never displease your mother. *I personally like this rule.* 

A small portion of Ruthless People took place in Cascadia, Oregon. Location wise that is about an hour northeast of me. I was pleasantly surprised to see this beautiful forested area was mentioned. 


“May we forever be rulers, may our enemies tremble at our feet, may we never forget our great love that is the family. Which we will rule with an iron fist. May we be ruthless and have no regrets. May we take what we want, when we want it, with the world at our feet.”

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