Just For Now

Just For Now Book Cover Just For Now
Sea Breeze
Abbi Glines

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Preston is one bad boy. And Amanda has harbored a crush on him for forever. When she finally makes her move on him, it does not end well. But still, she can’t resist him. Especially now that he seems to be pursuing her, too.

No one wants wants them to be together. Not Amanda’s brother Marcus, who is on the verge of his marriage to Low, and definitely not any of Preston’s buddies. They know way too much about Preston’s dark side. Even Preston realizes he’s not good enough for someone like her.

But Amanda believes there is more to Preston than his bad boy persona, and she is determined to unearth what he’s hiding behind his seductive blue eyes—secrets that could explain his actions. Secrets Amanda might not be able to forgive.

Yet the dangerous attraction persists...and neither Preston nor Amanda is going to deny it.

Foxy's Review:

**4.75 STARS**

I lucked out with my local online library because I got this one and While It Lasts back to back. Just For Now was an enjoyable audio. Hopefully my online library will get the other books in this series because currently it doesn’t own them.

Abbi Glines created another likable tale with a younger sister, Amanda, in love with her older brother’s best friend, Preston. But this tale has a twist because for the hero to support his younger siblings he has become a gigolo. 


“I love you. I love you so damn much it consumes me. I don’t deserve you, but I’m gonna become the man who does deserve you. I promise you. I’ll make you proud of me.”

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Book #9 is due out Oct. 2014 to find out when it is available click here.

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