The Play by @MetalBlonde [double 5 star reviews @Kimberley_Bee]

Kim and I loved this one!

It brought out all the feels for us.

the play

★ ★ ★ ★ ★



The moment you know a story will go from being great to epic happened for me early on when I saw the compassion Lachlan had for the forgotten dogs that roam the streets. I love how he could empathize with them. Society only looked at their outer appearances and made quick judgements that these dogs were unworthy. The parallel of Lachlan’s life and those whom he rescued was brilliant. It brought a whole deeper level to the story.

THE PLAY is a beautiful love story. I can understand why my friends are raving about this book. I, too, loved this one. How could I not?! It’s filled with heart and passion. The morning after I finished this story I woke up with a strong desire to go to the animal shelter. My dream the previous night was about me adopting a dog. Unfortunately, in my city you are only allowed to own two dogs and my family already has two. So, instead on Foxy Blogs we gave away 2 copies of this book. With every pre-sale and purchase up to Sunday (11/8/2015) a $1.00 goes to an animal charity.

➜ It’s a standalone
➜ It’s a spinoff of The Pact and The Offer (you were introduced to Lachlan in The Offer and saucy Kayla has been in all books)
➜ It’s contemporary romance
➜ It’s the size of 2 books for the price of 1
➜ Pre-orders and sales through the 8th – $1.00 goes to an animal charity
➜ After Sunday, November 8th – fundraising will be over and the price goes up.

If you are fan of Ms. Halle get this book!! And if you are new to her writing start with this one. It showcases her brilliant writing.


RELEASE DATE: 11/3/2015
Pre-order | order:

**Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.**

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I just bawled my bloody eyes out! GAWD! I’m a terrible mess now.

Easily the best contemporary romance KH has delivered since Love in English … in fact, I think this may have even topped it (hard call since I loved them both so fucking much).

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I was expecting sexy. I was expecting playful. I was not expecting gut wrenching, earth shattering and painfully tortured. I was not expecting to be so blown away. I should have been prepared. I really should know to always expect the unexpected from Karina’s books. I should just fucking KNOW.

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Lesson learned. I am still recuperating …
it may take me some time to fully come to my senses & realize that this review isn’t much of a review at all …

But, if you’ve never read a Karina Halle book … THIS IS THE ONE! don’t waste another moment … just get on it!

*Thank you to the author for an advance copy of this book.*

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