Happy Book Birthday to Love, in English by @MetalBlonde (turned a year old)


This is actually a belated book birthday (day late) to LOVE, IN ENGLISH by Karina Halle.

Love, in English turned a year old on April 20th.

Love, in English was scheduled to release on April 22nd and it released two days early which was exciting news for Karina Halle fans. At that point, in her career, most of her fans knew her by her Experiment in Terror series which Love, in English is very different from that series because it is a contemporary romance with a forbidden love story.

Last year I had the honor of reading this book as an arc (advance reader’s copy).  It was my first “paperback” arc and  I wasn’t sure I’d be able to function without the ability to hi-light and bookmark pages.   Post-It Page Markers and my notepad made reading this book a snap.  I had forgotten what it was like to hold an actual book. I really enjoyed going back to my roots of reading with this paperback.

KC and I read this one together. We had a great time discussing the book.  We laughed  over this quote:
“Lauren is a bicycle”
That doesn’t seem funny unless you’ve read the book.  IF you’re wondering why it was funny to us. . .  because the word ‘bicycle’ got translated wrong. The speaker meant, “Lauren is a bitch” not bicycle. . .  so whenever KC and I use the word “bitch” in a text to each other  we substitute “bicycle” and it  makes us laugh every time.

Birthday Stats:

April 20, 2014 released

456 pages

588 (5-star reviews)

126 (4-star reviews)

“What is love? In English?” -Mateo
“Love, in English is love…. What is it in Spanish?” -Vera
“Love in Spanish is you.” -Mateo

Love, in English on Amazon | Goodreads | Blog

Maddie- love, in englishP.S. This isn’t me but instead my teen daughter. My teen son came up with the idea to recreate the cover. He created this imagine.

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