Time Warp Tuesday! Travel back to 7/7/2013 • Escape from Paradise by Gwendolyn Field (5 stars)

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This week I’m jumping back to 2013.  Escape From Paradise is a dark romance. One that is not only dark but also disturbing.
A secondary character caught readers attention and at the time the author hadn’t planned to write a spin off book telling his story. But reader demand was high so the author agreed to write his story.  It’s been 2 years we’ve been waiting… I saw this on the author’s Facebook page in January.

Aaah, friends, I need to come clean with you because I’m continuing to face challenges with writing Josef’s book. Here’s the thing – I want to be honest so that you know what to expect, and I hope you’ll understand why I can’t give all the details. As some of you know, Gwendolyn Field is a pen name. Under my real name I write young adult books, and though many of my fans for the YA books are adults, a great amount are teens, so I don’t want to link identities (I’d be pretty horrified if a teen excitedly ran out to by Escape From Paradise, not realizing how dark and disturbing it is.)

So, I’ve been writing YA for five years now. In 2014 I hit bestseller lists for the first time. It was CRAZY. Things sort of changed at that point. I gained a 3-book contract with a “big” house, and I have been very busy trying to make all of my deadlines. I love writing YA, but I also feel horrible that I’ve neglected the sequel I’ve promised Gwen fans for over a year now.

All I can say at this point is that I will do my best. I don’t know when you can expect Josef’s book or anything new from me. I could get a sudden rush of inspiration this week, or it might not come for a long while.
I’m very sorry. I hope things settle down soon. Thank you! Please feel free to email me if you ever have questions. (gwendolynfield at hotmail.com)


On June 7, 2013, I read Escape From Paradise by Gwendolyn Field.   

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Angela and Colin are two people whose lives have been stolen from them. They are living in different parts of the world but their paths are going to collide together by the unfortunate events that stole their freedom.

Angela is an American college student in Cancun enjoying a mini vacation with her sorority sisters. Trusting a local man whose beauty is only skin deep will turn out to be the start of Angela’s nightmare.

After taken as a prisoner and explained how her former life no longer existed she was left with little hope.

‘I had a choice to make. Failing this test would mean death. Passing would mean sexual slavery.’

The moment she picked her choice the breaking of her spirit began and her need to survive became her number one priority.

‘Everything I thought I knew about myself and life, all of my views, shifted and changed in that room on that day. Ideas of privacy and entitlement and freedom slipped away. The meanings of strength and weakness morphed and failed to matter anymore. All that mattered was survival with minimal pain.’

Colin was a young teen boy when his parents were murdered and his younger brother stolen and sold into slavery. Colin’s life mission was to find his brother and bring justice to those who killed his parents. Years later he was hired to rescue Angela.

As Colin sets out to rescue Angela the lines between saving her or making her his own began to blur. He began to think of her as

‘His. His to protect. His to save. His to…pleasure.’

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