Time Warp Wednesday! Travel back, back, back to the ’90’s

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Welcome to week 2 of Time Warp Wednesday … formerly known as Time Warp Tuesday!

This week, I’m taking a bit of an unusual trip … all the way back to the early ’90’s … back when I was a teenager & completely obsessed with Stephen King.

Recently I was asked who my most read authors were (according to my Goodreads lists). I was completely surprised to see that Mr. King was still in my top 10. Granted, he’s written a lot more books than most of my favorite authors … but I think this clearly outlines just how deep my infatuation ran.

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 Honestly, the number listed on Goodreads probably isn’t even a true representation of the actual number of his books that I’ve read. For example, Thinner is written under the pen name Richard Bachman.

Regardless, October is a fabulous month to reminisce over a good horror story. In the mood for a classic, spooky read? Here are my recommendations from King’s library:

  1. Pet Sematary – I read this when I was 15. I went camping with my family & slept in a tent in the woods. For some reason I thought this book made perfect reading material for that trip. Needless to say, there were a few sleepless nights.
  2. The Shining – If you’ve seen the movie, you may understand a little of why this book is so darn scary. The movie is terrific (one of the best), but the book is even better.
  3. The Dead Zone – Psychologically thrilling. This book made me believe in ESP, and then made me hope that I never developed it myself. lol
  4. Carrie – It’s a classic for a reason. And, yes … the book is way better than the movie (both of them).
  5. Gerald’s Game – A little different from some of King’s earlier works, but definitely no less disturbing. I found the writing in this one to be more mature somehow … even while it grossed me out.

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