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The Pagano Family
Susan Fanetti


Luca Pagano is a second son. The family rebel, he has always been a beat out of step with his father, who sees him as unserious and unsettled. But Luca is a man who knows his mind and follows his heart. He’s never met a woman with whom he wants to be serious or settled, and he is definitely not looking. Active and adventurous, he prefers an uncomplicated life, free of any attachments but those of his family.

Emmanuelle “Manny” Timko has recently moved to Quiet Cove. She, too, avoids attachments beyond her family, but her reasons go deeper than simple preference. To make her way in the world, she’s had to build a life of coping mechanisms and control.

The connection they make together is as intense as it is unlikely. To love Manny, Luca must learn to love in a new way. To love Luca, Manny must learn to love at all.

When Luca’s Uncles come to him to collect on a debt, what Luca and Manny have found together will be sorely tested. What happens next could change everything for them and for the whole Pagano family.

Note: explicit sex, violent scenes

Foxy’s Review:


Touch is wicked good. Ms. Fanetti has done it again. She has created another story with unique characters. I was so immersed in the story that I even had a dream about the characters. You know how dreams are… they make sense to you until you try to verbalize them to someone else and then the dream makes you look like a crazy person.

Luca , the second oldest son, may seem rough around the edges to those who don’t know him but he is 100% devoted to those who he loves. Manny, had a rough start in life with no one to love her as a baby. Even after her adoption, at the age of 6 years old, and the love of her “family” she grows into a woman who is trapped in her body and mind wanting to be normal but not sure how to connect with those around her. Misunderstood and mistreated prevents Manny from trusting others. Luckily, for Manny, Luca isn’t someone who taps out in a fight. Be it a fight in the ring or for those who he loves.

Luca’s uncomplicated life becomes complicated when his heart falls for Manny. Unstable and limited in her ability to connect with others leaves Manny misjudged. Luca’s willingness to learn to be the man that Manny needs makes Touch a powerful love story.


Around 86% I started to panic because I’m familiar with Ms. Fanetti’s writing and I wasn’t sure how this was going to end. I tweeted the author:
OMG….I’m 86%. @sfanetti, your muse is scaring me right now. I know what happened in the Signal Bend series. I can’t do that again. 🙁
I love the response I received:


If you haven’t read anything by Ms. Fanetti you are missing out. She’s gifted in creating fascinating stories with strong family bonds. Resilient, flawed characters who are brilliantly executed with heart touching, and at times heart breaking, tales are Ms. Fanetti’s speciality. Touch makes the tenth book I’ve read by Ms. Fanetti and I’ve loved them all. If you like well written stories with imperfect, tough characters Ms. Fanetti’s books are an excellent choice to read.

Meet the Pagano family:
Carlo, Sr: baby brother to Ben and Lorrie. Ben is the Don of the family; Lorrie is his right hand. He decided not to follow in his brothers’ footsteps and instead stay on the right side of the law. Widower. Father to 6 adult children.

Carlo, Jr: (37 years old) responsible. Provider and family man. Does what was expected of him. Single dad.
♥♥Trey♥♥: (3 years old) Carlo’s son. Abandoned by his mother.

Carmen: (36 years old) a landscape designer, free spirit, big dreamer.

Luca: (34 years old) rebel, the black sheep. Wrong side of their father. Rogue.

John: (mid 20’s) quiet brooder. Quiet and sweet.

Joey: (20ish years old) goofball, the fun one, youthfully bold.

Rosa: (20 years old) spoiled, pampered baby princess of the family

Footsteps (Pagano Family, #1) by Susan Fanetti Touch (Pagano Family, #2) by Susan Fanetti Rooted (Pagano Family, #3) by Susan Fanetti
Book 4- Deep will be released on Saturday, 20 December 2014. Preorders will be available on or about 3 December.
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