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Do you ever look back at an older review and wonder what you were thinking in that moment?

The book I’m looking back at this week is a great example.

Surrender My Love by Lisa Eugene.

I read my review & think, “Wow, that was harsh.” Especially since I rated it 3.5 & when I think back on this book now, I consider it one of my more favorable reads. In fact, I have the second book of this series loaded on my Kindle & raring to go (Surrender my Love is book 3, but I read them out of order).

My only dilemma now … do I go back and read book 1 first?


Surrender My Love (Washington Memorial Hospital, #3)Surrender My Love by Lisa Eugene

3.5 Stars

Well that was a bit of a roller coaster …

An erotic, heart-felt romance, wrapped up in a dangerous murder-mystery. This is not typically the type of story you’d expect from the title – especially not with that hot cover! I went into this book having read only a few reviews, fully expecting hot & heavy, sexy romance with just a bit of suspenseful drama … holy hell! There was so much suspense … murderer(s) to be found … a mystery to unravel … family drama to unfold … a police chase … sneaking … lying … hiding …
And in the midst of it all … a beautiful romance in full bloom.

Dr. Brad Markson stole my heart a little. All the confidence and bravado hiding a deeply passionate and caring man. The way he takes care of Chloe had me melting inside.

“You, Chloe, deserve a love who is willing to risk everything for you.”

I’ll be honest though. While I wanted to love this story, sadly I only really liked it. I found myself getting annoyed with Chloe after a while. How could a woman who’s withstood so much be so insecure? Her inability to grow for most of this book bothered me. And honestly, the suspense got a bit boring at mid-point & I found myself wanting to skip ahead & find out ‘who-done-it’ just to get it over with.

Not quite what I was expecting … but Brad certainly made it a worthwhile read.


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