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Time Warp Wednesday

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This week’s time warp has me re-visiting one of my favorites. This is a quiet and unassuming book … it hasn’t had nearly the attention as others from this author … yet, to me, it’s one of her best. You know those books that make you think and feel & make a permanent dent in your heart? That’s this one.

A Different Blue by Amy Harmon
A Different Blue

Bold * Eggshell * Cerulean * Stone * International * Peacock * Royal * Gun Metal * Midnight * Cobalt * Tiffany * Heather * Pale * Indigo * Bright * Old Glory * Dodger * Neon * Slate * Blizzard * Deep * Grey * Alice * Iridescent * Electric * Light * Ice * Bitter * True * Sky

I absolutely adored this story and the poetry in every line.

I was spent without compromise, sated without sacrifice, completely and totally head-over-heels in love. And it was delicious.

Reading about Blue & Wilson felt like taking an incredible journey with my closest and dearest personal friends.

Amy Harmon has given us a treasure … I will keep it close to my heart, right along with Making Faces (and a very select few other stories) … and of course I have added her to my list of favorite authors, as I will be sure to read anything & everything she writes.


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