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FUEL THE FIRE is another EXCELLENT installment in the Calloway Sisters/Addicted series. Connor & Rose have been my favorite couple from the beginning. Originally the series was suppose to end after AAA so when The Twins (authors) decided to add two more books I was thrilled. I could barely wait for this book to be released…it was a year ago that I marked it on my TBR shelf. Unfortunately, when it was released I had other book obligations and missed the buddy read with all the ‘KBR Fangirls’ ->http://bit.ly/1IOudqN.

I was impressed on how well the subject matters that plagued the gang were handled. The majority of the issues that afflicted this book were ones that threatened Connor and his family. The measures Connor took to protect his love ones was fascinating to watch.

One area of Connor’s personal life I know had some fans concerned. I’ll state that no personal details were given in this matter. . . just the mention that he partook in these activities and why he did. I know that is a vague answer to what I’m referring to but I wanted to reassure those who were leery of this part of Connor’s life. I’m giving the green light to proceed for those who were not keen on reading any in-depth details about this aspect of his life. 🙂

Connor as a husband and father was spectacular. His unwavering love really showed the growth of his character from when we first met him in Addicted to You where he was “incapable” of loving anyone but himself.


Rose with her sisters made me wish I had sisters. The one thing Rose promised Daisy she would do when the time comes had me choked up. See, my youngest daughter went to my eldest daughter and told her the same thing Rose told Daisy. My oldest is in a similar situation as Daisy and someday may need to rely on her sister. When I overheard my teen girls conversation my heart swelled and I cried. I know my girls may feel differently when they’re adults and the time comes to cash in this favor but for now it makes me smile knowing one is willing to sacrifice for the other’s happiness.

While this is the end of the road for Connor & Rose’s pov… I’m glad that there’s one more book that will feature all these characters. I’m so thankful for The Twins and their ability to put pen to paper and bring to life these six characters. The Addicted gang has consumed my thoughts over the last year and has allowed me to fangirl with other KBR fans.

Addicted series is interconnected with two spin-offs. The authors have written the books in 4 “phases”. Each phase is a complete story line with a satisfying enough conclusion.

Recommended reading order:
PHASE 1 (Lily & Lo):
{#1} Addicted to You | {#1.5} Ricochet | {#2} Addicted for Now

PHASE 2 (Rose and Connor) | (Daisy & Ryke):
{spin-off} Kiss the Sky | {spin-off} Hothouse Flower

PHASE 3 (Lily & Lo):
{#2.5} Thrive | {#3} Addicted After All

PHASE 4 (Rose and Connor) | (Daisy & Ryke):
{spin-off} Fuel the Fire | {spin-off} Long Way Down

**Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.**

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