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Readers love to share about books they’re reading. We asked readers to recommend a book they enjoyed which most of their friends had not read. We’ll be sharing what we learned and hopefully you’ll find a new book to read. I know my TBR list will be growing as we get introduced to all these books.

Today Beverly from Reading is Sexy is sharing ➜ PARADISE – JUDITH MCNAUGHT

This was the first book I ever read for fun, and I read it when I was 14 years old. Me and my group of girlfriends all shared the same book. I think I was the second girl to read it, and from there it took off. I remember thinking the sex scenes were so risqué, and I would blush just reading them.

Now 14 years later, this book doesn’t seem risqué at all. One thing that hasn’t changed though is the excitement I felt reading it. I still love the connection with Matt and Meredith and their forbidden relationship. Who knew this book would start my obsession with forbidden love!

Matt Farrell…swoon…he is the perfect male character. He is a self made man, he is determined, strong willed, compassionate, loving, and forgiving. Meredith comes from a wealthy family and is used to be daddy’s girl. Falling for Matt goes against what she was taught, but their connection is so strong!

“What else could you possibly give if I move in with you?”

I love this book and Judith McNaught! She introduced me to the world of romance and allowed me discover my love for reading!


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