Review ~ Red by @SMWestAuthor

5 Scarlet Stars

This debut novel had me flipping pages, long past my bedtime. For anyone who knows how much I value my sleep, you will understand the significance of this.

Red is a passionate story. Every element of this book is designed to have you thinking, to have you feeling, and to keep you glued to the words on the page. From start to finish, I was connected, invested, and intrigued.

The heroine, Tate Conrad is not without fault – she has doubt and demons like the rest of us – but she’s also incredibly smart and strong – the perfect combination of what makes a terrific leading lady.
The hero, Rylan Wolfe is a sexy alpha-male who also happens to be loyal and empathetic. He’s the kind of leading man who makes you want to rip your panties off, but he’s got a (well-hidden) sensitive side that’ll make you swoon too.
The love story is fantastic, but it’s the overall plot of this book that stands out, in my mind. It’s so well thought out and put together that it’s easy to forget it’s just a story, not a true crime retelling.

Overall, RED is a fabulous first read from author SM West. I’m looking forward to a whole lot of greatness to come!

*Thank you to the author for allowing me the opportunity to Beta Read for her – I think I’ve read this book about 5 times now & I’ve loved it every single time <3


Author: Kim B

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