Alone on Earth by @sfanetti {review}

Alone on Earth
Signal Bend
Susan Fanetti


Signal Bend, Missouri and the Night Horde MC gained notoriety after a shootout on Main Street brought down major players in the Midwest meth trade. The media have turned the Horde into folk heroes, and Hollywood wants a piece of that action.

Riley Chase is America’s Sweetheart, with a starring role on a popular television series, and now she’s the lead actress in the movie about Signal Bend. In Hollywood she’s hounded by the press, without the luxury of privacy or secrets, forced to play out her most intimate moments, even tragic ones, on a public stage. In Signal Bend, she’s nearly anonymous, able to discover who she is behind her image.

Bart Elstad is the Horde Intelligence Officer. His responsibility is to keep the club’s secrets buried, especially while the world is looking their way with a long distance lens. He’s in charge of the actors while they’re in town to research their roles.

Bart and Riley forge a quick but intense connection. A casual connection without expectations soon deepens, far more than either of them could have predicted. He sees the woman behind the starshine. She sees the man under the leather. Two very different worlds merge for a brief moment, but reality can’t be suspended forever.

Chaos breaks loose both within and beyond the club. Tensions that have been simmering boil over, with catastrophic consequences. The Horde’s most powerful allies, concerned that their secrets might be exposed in the spotlight of fame, become dangerous enemies. Riley gets caught in the middle. With the future of the Horde in the balance, Bart makes a sacrifice that will change the club, and his life, forever.

Note: Explicit sex and violence.

Foxy’s Review:

RE-READ (1/24/2015) with Kim!!! We tore through this series last year and when we recently heard about Ms. Fanetti’s new series has Bart in it…WE HAD TO RE-READ THIS ONE.Bart is one of my favorite guys. Even though I knew what was coming I still spilled tears.

Who doesn’t like a geeky motorcycle hottie?
“He loved movies, and television-especially cult shows- and video games.

There was a few things that separated Bart from the rest of the Horde.

His love of gaming, his collection of comic books and science fiction and fantasy books, his lack of interest in football (he liked soccer and ruby), his college degree, and the fact that Signal Bend was not his hometown.

He was the black sheep, for sure. But he was essential, and he held his own.

He could hack almost anything, fix just about any engine ever made, build almost anything out of metal and rubber, and ride faster and surer than anyone save Isaac and Len.

And he had blood on his hands, just the rest.

I’m going to have to re-read #4.5 because I love that novella. One of the best novellas out there.

Mo & Irene challenged me to read the whole series before the newest book is released. I’ve been reading them as fast as I can. I’m starting to feel a little cross eyed with all the biker reading I’ve been doing. 🙂


I really enjoyed this geeky hacker meets Hollywood movie starbiker romance. Some big things happen in this book that changes the course of the Horde MC. Without giving anything away I want to say, READ THIS SERIES!

Meet the men of Night Horde Motorcycle Club:
Isaac: (40 years old) President and runs the town. A huge nerd.
Showdown: (50 years old) Vice President. Loyal and wise. Isaac’s bestfriend.
Len: Sergeant at Arms. Loose cannon
Bart: (30 years old) Intelligence Officer. Computer geek and hacker.
CJ:(70 years old) Secretary/Treasurer. Doesn’t like change. Curmudgeon. Last surviving original Horde.
Havoc: Enforcer. Bart’s bestfriend.
Victor: loose cannon. Older, overweight biker.
Badger: (21 years old) youngest patch.
Doogie: prospect.
Dom: prospect.
Omen: (25 years old) prospect.

Move the Sun (Signal Bend, #1) by Susan Fanetti Behold the Stars (Signal Bend, #2) by Susan Fanetti Into the Storm (Signal Bend, #3) by Susan Fanetti Alone on Earth (Signal Bend, #4) by Susan Fanetti All the Sky (Signal Bend, #5) by Susan Fanetti Show the Fire (Signal Bend, #6) by Susan Fanetti
Continuing story where secondary characters from the first book become the main focus in subsequent books.
Book 1 – Isaac | Book 2 – Isaac | Book 3 – “Showdown” | Book 4 – Bart | Book 5 – “Havoc” | Book 6 – Len
To find out if there will be more books in the series click here.

In Dark Woods (Signal Bend, #4.5) by Susan Fanetti
(#4.5 – Isaac)

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