Audiobook Review – Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren

Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren

Beautiful Player (Beautiful Bastard, #3)


Not bad. Not fantastic. It was enjoyable.

The story itself is good, although I felt it was very heavily weighted in sexual encounters & not as much emotional investment as I would have liked. I did enjoy that it was Will who fell head over heels first. What I didn’t particularly enjoy was Hannah’s ridiculous naive approach to dating. She drove me a bit batty with her “teach me” moments. I’m glad Will found it hot (I guess a lot of men might), but it just didn’t really work for me.

It’s an audio-book, so the voice acting does play a big role. I enjoyed both of the voice actors very much. Independently, either one of them could have pulled off the story, but I was happy to have both a male and a female for the back and forth pov’s.

Overall, a great way to spend my daily work commute. Although, I was certain to keep the windows up & the A/C on, since I didn’t want my fellow motorists to overhear all the thrusting and licking going on in this story. *sweating*


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