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Foxy’s Review:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Every time I finish a book in The Night Horde SoCal series I state that it is my new favorite book in this series. It happened again…I’m claiming this my new favorite book for the series. I finished this book 2 days ago and I’m still basking in it’s greatness. I haven’t wanted to read anything else because I’m still replaying sections of the book in my mind.


Connor is the club badass aka Sergeant at Arms. “He’s a problem-solver, a fixer. He tends to be loud and quick to fight.”

Pilar is hero aka firefighter. “She’s strong and smart. She’s funny. She’s cynical, but she believes in heroes. She f*cking is a hero. She’s hotheaded.”

Their relationship is fierce! Both are protectors, by nature, but they are stubborn to a fault. Neither one feels they can have a relationship beyond one night stands because of their line of work.

Pilar is straight up a hero in her line of work – “We don’t judge, we don’t hurt. We just help.” Connor on the other hand is in a line of work where he’s “a man who beefed with gangsters, who sat down with drug lords. Who planned assassinations. A killer. A drug runner. An outlaw. A man who brought violence into the world.”


Ms. Fanetti has a remarkable way of creating a compelling world of bikers and their old ladies. Every story I’ve read, by her, feels authentic, like she’s secretly writing about her life and we’re watching it play out on the pages of the book. Each woman in the series is a force to be reckon with – they’re all diverse; a movie star, a model, a teacher, an artist, a social worker, a firefighter, and mother to them all. The males may all belong to the same mc but their personalities vary from a hothead to a hippy-ish nerd to an enforcer and the list goes on. Each story along with the characters is not a carbon copy but it’s own unique tale. Ms. Fanetti’s is a sensation in mc genre.

Meet the men of Night Horde of SoCal Motorcycle Club(& their women):
Hoosier: President.
♥Bibi♥: Mama to the Horde family

Bart: (30ish years old) Vice President
♥Riley♥: movie star.

Connor: (36 years old) SAA. Hoosier’s son. Best friend to Trick.
♥Pilar♥: firefighter

Lakota: Secretary & Treasurer.

Sherlock: Intelligence Officer.

Muse: (43 years old) Enforcer. Somewhat of a mentor to Demon
♥Sid♥: social worker

Demon: (32 years old) Enforcer. A scarred man from a rough upbringing.
♥Faith♥: born and raised in an MC

♥Ingrid♥: model

Ronin: (50 years old) patch.
Trick:patch. Nerd. Vegetarian. Best friend to Connor.
J.R.:patch. Only black member of of the Horde.
Keanu: new patch.
Jerry: new prospect.

RELEASE DATE: May 9, 2015
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Strength & Courage (Night Horde SoCal, #1) by Susan Fanetti Shadow & Soul (Night Horde SoCal, #2) by Susan Fanetti Fire & Dark (Night Horde SoCal, #3) by Susan Fanetti
Continuing story where secondary characters from the first book become the main focus in subsequent books.
Book 1 – Muse | Book 2 – Demon | Book 3 – Connor
To find out if there will be more books in the series click here.

Today & Tomorrow (Night Horde SoCal, #2.5) by Susan Fanetti
Book 2.5 – Nolan

**Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.**

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Kim’s Review:


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Fire & Dark There are never enough stars to express my feelings toward a Susan Fanetti book. I just know – from that first page – that I will be sucked into a world full of wonder and meaning and deep seated emotion. A world where the characters are my friends, my lovers, my family. I always feel like her books are a place I can go, not to escape life, but to experience life. Fire & Dark is the third book in The Night Horde SoCal series. After each book I think “it’s the best one yet”. They just keep getting better, and better. This story is about … Connor – SAA of The Night Horde SoCal and son of the President. He’s a bear, but not always the cuddly kind. He can be ruthless. But he’s also a smooth-talking charmer, with a penchant for pretty young things. and … Pilar – the only female firefighter in San Bernardino County. Most of the time, she’s just one of the guys. But she does have a girlie side, which she keeps hidden away. Most of the time she is a fierce warrior. And she doesn’t mind when things get a little rough. Together … They learn what it takes to be a hero … And that being a hero doesn’t always mean being brave.

You be my hero, and I’ll be yours.

This book took me on a very wild ride. I think I experienced every single emotion possible. There are moments of lighthearted fun – laughter included. There are moments of amazingly erotic naughtiness. There are moments of pain and regret. Oh, and let’s throw in some high anxiety and devastation into the mix. Fantastically, it’s not just the main characters driving the emotion. No – the secondary characters play a huge role in this story, without taking away from the main plotline of Connor & Pilar. It may sound like a lot to fit into one single book. But let me tell you … absolutely nothing about this book feels forced or manufactured. Each emotion, each scenario feels honest and real. That is the magic of Susan Fanetti. And that is why she’s in my top author’s list (it’s a 3 way tie for first place, please don’t make me choose) – because I am never disappointed with her work. How do I spell amazing? F.A.N.E.T.T.I.

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