Goodwill Hunting #10

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Goodwill Hunting is a regular feature on Foxy Blogs.
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My addiction to second-hand books can take me on some fun, bookish adventures.

Come Goodwill Hunting with me!

This week’s adventure is …

but when she got there, the shelves were all bare


On my most recent trip to my closest second-hand store, I felt like I might have entered the Twilight Zone. The shelves were eerily empty! Where did all the books go? It’s quite a mystery.



Despite the limited selection, I did manage to find a couple of interesting titles. I’ve never seen either of these books second-hand before. It was very tempting to just buy them both … unfortunately for me I’m taking part in a challenge to not buy any books … so I just petted these pretties and walked away. Someone else will get to take them home to love them.

 :     :

Here’s hoping my next trip finds fuller shelves. Maybe I need to wait until after people do their spring cleaning?

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