Goodwill Hunting #9

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Goodwill Hunting is a regular feature on Foxy Blogs.
I hope you enjoy this segment, and if you missed a previous one,  click the banner.

My addiction to second-hand books can take me on some fun, bookish adventures.

Come Goodwill Hunting with me!


This week’s adventure is …

I’ve never read you, but I had to have you.


A deal is a deal, or sometimes even a steal. I’ve never been good at walking away from a bargain. So when I come across a book in really good shape, or that I think I might like to read, I have a hard time passing it by. Especially when the price tag is screaming BUY ME!

Here’s some beautiful second hand finds that I probably, some day, maybe, eventually will read.


Now … maybe I should go shopping for a second-hand bookshelf  … because I’m seriously running out of room. These ones are actually stuck in a closet at the moment. I need to make them feel more welcome in my home … and put them somewhere I can see, to remind me that I actually need to READ them.

Are you like me? Do you have books sitting on your shelves that you haven’t read?

OR …

Maybe you have a bookshelf for sale?


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