Riding in Cars with Foxes: Me Before You by @jojomoyes (@audible_com)

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My family and I finished listening to this on the last day of our Spring Break road trip. 80% of this book kept all of us laughing and the last 20% had some of us in tears.
I asked my teens what they’d rate this book:
My eldest girl felt it was 5 stars.
My middle and youngest felt it was 4 stars. Up to the ending it was 5 stars.

Since we listened to this one I think I had a vastly different experience than my fellow reader friends. Hearing the voices and the inflections really brought a lot of humor to this story.

My teens have some new sayings from listening to this one:
“Trying to get my leg over.”
“Don’t have a baby.”

Bonding over books with your family is priceless!

Here are my thoughts about the “issue” with this book. Anyone who has finished the book can open this spoiler. Otherwise, if you plan to read the book don’t open this spoiler-> [su_accordion]
[su_spoiler title=”Click for spoiler” style=”fancy”] Yea, that was horribly sad that he felt his life wasn’t worth living in the condition he was in.
The state I live in passed a law about 20 years ago called Death with Dignity. To learn more about this click here.

If Will lived here he wouldn’t be able to choose to die->

“The Oregon, Washington, and Vermont Death with Dignity laws allow mentally competent, terminally-ill adult state residents to voluntarily request and receive a prescription medication to hasten their death. This is one of many end-of-life care options available in Oregon, Washington, and Vermont.”

Will wasn’t terminally-ill just confined to a wheelchair. I wish he would had found value in his life as someone who wasn’t able body but able minded. And someone who had love and could love but that isn’t how it ended. Even though I didn’t agree with Will’s choice I did, however, find this audio a bonding experience because it allowed us, as a family, to have open discussions with our teens about life and love. And for that I’m sticking to my FIVE STARS. [/su_spoiler]

PURCHASE:  KINDLE  ($8.11) | AUDIO  ($12.99) can also listen to a sample.
Prices are subject to change but were that price at the time of posting.

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