Goodwill Hunting #8

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Goodwill Hunting is a regular feature on Foxy Blogs.
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My addiction to second-hand books can take me on some fun, bookish adventures.

Come Goodwill Hunting with me!

This week’s adventure is …

Chasing the impossible dream (a complete second-hand series).

Any serious used book collector will tell you … finding a full series is next to impossible. Finding the first and (if you’re lucky) the second book of a collection is the norm. If you manage to find anything more than that, consider yourself blessed. My theory is, most people won’t bother buying a continuing series unless they know they’ll enjoy (and therefore, want to keep) them. Who buys the third book in an anthology without the intention of adding to their own bookshelf? An unknowing gift giver, maybe? Whatever the situation … if you can get your hands on later books of your fave set, don’t pass up the opportunity!

Here’s the group that I’m closest to completing (fully second-hand):



Of course, you’re thinking … “Kim, Sweet Filthy Boy is not part of that series.” … Yes, I know. But I consider it all one set because I intend to own all the Christina Lauren books. ALL of them!

I was super excited when I found the Beautiful Bitch novella. My husband was actually, seriously embarrassed because I literally started jumping up and down in the store.

And I’m happy to report that I recently found Dirty Rowdy Thing from my fave used online retailer Thrift Books. It should be here soon!

The Beautiful Bastard Series:

bb  bb2  bb3  bb4

Beautiful Bastard novellas:

bb1.5  bb2.5  bb3.5  bb3.6

Wild Seasons Series:

ws  ws2  ws3  ws4(not yet released)

Wild Seasons novella:



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