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Karina Halle

Dirty Promises is a fictional ride into the cartel where you have to check your morals at the door. The world of the cartel is brutal and the characters lack morals. A romantic story won’t be found between the pages but instead one of love and fortitude.

The wife of a drug king. The queen of corruption.
Luisa’s world is crumbling around her after some tragic news in Dirty Deeds (book 2). The ability to cope with the bleak outcome has lead to amoral copy mechanisms. Normally when this kind of stuff happens in my romance books I hate the characters but in books where it’s part of their world I can accept it as part of their lifestyle.

Family was everything. Family got you killed.
Javier’s family is his weak spot and his enemies know it. Loving others left you vulnerable to rivals. Javier has lost so many family members that the threat of losing more has caused him to go in a tailspin.

He was a living nightmare.
This book isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s dark and gruesome at times. I personally loved it. Ms. Halle shines in her dark and dirty romances.

…her crown tarnished but wearable.
Luisa may be Javier’s queen but she dirties her crown along the way in this book. The ugly side of the cartel touches Luisa and tries to tear her down. Luisa really comes into her own as a strong woman by the end of the book. No more just being arm candy for Javier – she battles back to claim her ‘crown.’

It’s no dirty secret that I’ve been team Javier since the Sins & Needles trilogy. I like my men dark and dirty.


Dirty Angels series is a spin off of The Artist Trilogy series. Each series can be read as a standalone series. No prior background knowledge is needed to read Dirty Angels.

Timeline between the two series:
{#1 TAT} Sins & Needles
{#2 TAT} Shooting Scars
{#3 TAT} Bold Tricks
{#1 DA} Dirty Angels
{#2 DA} Dirty Deeds
{#3 DA} Dirty Promises

Dirty Angels (Dirty Angels, #1) by Karina Halle Dirty Deeds (Dirty Angels, #2) by Karina Halle Dirty Promises (Dirty Angels, #3) by Karina Halle

Release date: September 15, 2015
Pre-order | order ➜ http://amzn.to/1KiKDXh
currently book 1 is free ➜ http://amzn.to/1jblmjS
book 2 is $.99 ➜ http://amzn.to/1hyVWUC

**Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.**

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