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Father’s Sun is the conclusion of THE NORTHWOMEN SAGAS

Solveig Valisdottir is said to be born for greatness. The firstborn daughter of Brenna God’s-Eye and Vali Storm-Wolf, she carries her parents’ legacy on her shoulders and strives to be worthy of their legends. She is a strong shieldmaiden in her own right, but her parents are the greatest of their people, beloved of the gods, and she must reach as high as they, or even beyond, to feel she deserves the esteem she already has as their daughter.

She keeps her fears buried deep in her chest, trusting only Magni, her dearest friend, keeper of all her secrets, to know her struggle. Her love for him reaches deeper than friendship, but she cannot allow herself that love until she has done her parents the honor they deserve. She must find her story; she must make her name.

Magni Leifsson is the scion of greatness himself. His father is the revered Jarl Leif of Geitland, and his mother, Olga, is a beloved counselor of their people. They offer him a legacy of wisdom and compassion, and of strength and valor, and he means his story to be the next verse of theirs.

Magni has loved Solveig since they were children playing in the light of their parents’ friendship. The keeper of her secrets, he knows her better than anyone. He understands the burden of her legacy, and he vows to wait for her while she finds her story.

And he is at her side, offering her his strength and his love, when Solveig finds her legend on a field of loss.

Note: Explicit sex and violence.

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Father’s Sun is the last book in the Northwomen Sagas. This story really begins in the first book, God’s Eye, and comes to completion in this book. This story is what legends are made of. Both the hero, Magni, and the heroine, Solveig, are the children of 2 legendary couples among the Viking people. Breanna & Vali are Solveig’s parents and Olga & Leif are Magni’s parents. Since they were babies everyone has had them married off to each other.

“I’ll wed no man until I have made my story and it shines with theirs.” ~Solveig

There’s one little glitch in both of their parents’ plans of marrying these two off to each other; Solveig wants to make a name for herself before she ties herself to a man. She puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on herself to live up to her legendary parent’s image.

The amazing part about this book is we get lots of the other 3 couples (not as much of Astrid & Leofric since it’s not their children but they are still in this book) sprinkling their wisdom upon Solveig & Magni.

“Her beloved daughter. And mine. A shieldmaiden in your own right. A woman on the cusp of your story. Solveig, it isn’t your mother’s eye that makes her a legend. It’s her heart and her will. It’s her strength and her spirit. With her love for me, and mine for her, she stands stronger. I am stronger because I’m her man. Our love doesn’t diminish us. It lifts us up.” Solveig’s father’s words (Vali)

Watching these two adult children come to terms with their parents’ legacy and finding their own path was the perfect ending to this saga. How the series ended felt satisfying knowing these warriors have a family bond that keeps them together. My heart was filled with love, loss and their ability to live again. The Viking world is a savage one but among it is an unbreakable bond of friendship & family.

Father’s Sun is set during the Viking Age. It’s the fourth & final book in Northwomen Sagas. All the main characters from the previous books play a role in the Father’s Sun. To grasp the overall arc of this series it’s recommended you read them in sequential order. An epic series you won’t want to miss if you love Vikings and family bonds.

The castings are from Susan Fanetti’s Pinterest board.
Left to right
Brenna – Kate Bosworth | Vali – Brendan Bourassa
Olga – Audrey Tautou | Leif – Nick Arvidsson
Astrid – Zara Larsson | Leofric – Michiel Huisman
Solveig – Teresa Palmer | Magni – Tom Busson

Father’s Sun, The Northwomen Saga #4
➜Saturday, June 3, 2017

**Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.**

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God’s Eye | Heart’s Ease | Soul’s Fire

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