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Reading in the Red Room & I love Susan Fanetti’s new series called Night Horde SoCal.  We think it’s fabulous and want others to experience it too.  If you have read one of these four books listed below and have left a review on amazon share the link to your Amazon review in the rafflecopter for a chance to win a $10 amazon gift card.  We are giving away 2 -$10 Amazon gift cards to two lucky participants.  If you’ve read more than one book from the series make sure to enter each review to increase your chances of winning.

    Dream & Dare (The Night Horde SoCal, #3.5)
Click book cover for the blurb on Amazon.

The 5th book is scheduled to  release on June 20th. You can pre-order the book by clicking the book cover above.  When it gets closer to the release date we will offer 2 copies of the new release for 2 lucky winners.  Because we want everyone to have time to read and leave an Amazon review the giveaway is going to run until June 30th.  A month to read and review as many as you can from the Night Horde Series.  Bookmark this page for easy access to link your reviews in the series.


Facts 1 – 3 deal with the Night Horde SoCal series.
Facts 4 -5 deal with Ms. Fanetti.

1. Bibi had an extensive collection of vibrators and dildos. Hoosier bought her most of them.

2. Hoosier’s first tattoo is the first bar of the music to “Born to Be Wild” on his right shoulder. He got it when he was 18.

3. Trick’s favorite book is One Hundred Years of Solitude, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. He’s read it dozens of times.

4. I write about a chapter a day, 5-7 days a week.

5. One of my sons is a professional pancake artist.

To view more pancake art by Ms. Fanetti’s son check out his FB page.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Recap of the rules:
1. Link your Amazon review in the rafflecopter for any of the books in Night Horde SoCal series
2.  You can gain more entries by entering more reviews for any books in Night Horde SoCal series
3.  Each Amazon review for the Night Horde SoCal series can be entered separately
4. Only Night Horde SoCal reviews qualify
5. It doesn’t matter how long ago  you posted the review to Amazon… enter the link on the rafflecopter
6. You don’t have to purchase the book from Amazon to leave a product review

Pay it forward… the best way to let an author know you appreciate their work is by leaving a review.
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