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The Pagano Family
Susan Fanetti


Carlo Pagano Jr. is the eldest son of a large Italian-American family in Quiet Cove, Rhode Island. He’s a disappointment to his father but a hero to the young son he is raising alone, after his wife abandoned them. 

Sabina Alonzo-Auberon is a beautiful Argentine native married to one of the most powerful and wealthy men in New England. Though James Auberon is highly esteemed, the power and glamour the world sees hide a darker reality that exists within the walls of their home. Sabina is trapped in a life of control and abasement, living with a man too powerful and vengeful to escape. 

Sabina doesn’t wish to be rescued and whisked away on a white horse. She’s not looking for a fairy tale hero; she knows the fairy tale is a lie. She’s waiting for the chance to save herself. But she won’t turn down help if it comes. 

A fateful meeting with Carlo brings Sabina the chance to break free and make a life on her own terms. If any name demands respect and strikes fear more than Auberon, it’s Pagano. Carlo’s uncles head one of the most powerful ‘families’ in the Northeast, and they will offer their help—for a price. 

What begins as an offer of assistance deepens into an intense bond, but before Carlo and Sabina can be together, they must overcome the obstacles in their path. 

Together Carlo and Sabina seek true and honest love, and freedom from the demons of their pasts, but no quest was ever without its trials. 

Explicit sex. Some dark themes.  

Foxy's Review:

LOVED IT!! Susan Fanetti has created a new series with a big Italian-American family living in New England. The Pagano family consist of six grown children whose lives are all tightly knitted together. 

Carlo is the eldest son and he’s the responsible one among his siblings. His devotion to his son, Trey, made my heart melt. Trey may have been abandoned by his crazy mother but like any preschooler he adjusted well because of his Pagano family’s love for him. TREY is the best child character I’ve read so far. He captured my heart with his cuteness and his love of all things shark. 


When Carlo and Sabina’s paths cross it is not a pleasant circumstance. Sabina is the trophy wife to a powerful man who abuses her. Carlo witnesses a small scene of that abuse and intervenes. That first meeting sets the foundation for what these two must battle through to be free of the ties the bind Sabina to her abuser. Both, Carlo and Sabina, are two souls, who’ve been mistreated by past spouses, that have come together to heal each other. 

All readers have their pet peeves in books and mine are “insta-lust/love/attraction”, cheating and love-triangles. I loved how Ms. Fanetti handled the “insta-attraction” between these two characters. Even though they felt that insta-attraction they still held off on fully committing to each other because of the healing they needed to do first. And to address the cheating question…(view spoiler)

Ms. Fanetti stepped outside the box that her fans know her by, the Signal Bend series, and created a more contemporary romance series. Although FOOTSTEPS isn’t as hard core as her motorcycle series I still loved it. I’m a #FanettiFangirl all the way. I love her writing style and the way the worlds she creates feel so real. 

Once you are done with this book she has uploaded chapter one for book 2 ->
Schedule to release on 9/27/2014

Meet the Pagano family: 
Carlo, Sr: baby brother to Ben and Lorrie. Ben is the Don of the family; Lorrie is his right hand. He decided not to follow in his brothers’ footsteps and instead stay on the right side of the law. Widower. Father to 6 adult children.

Carlo, Jr(37 years old) responsible. Provider and family man. Does what was expected of him. Single dad.
♥♥Trey♥♥: (3 years old) Carlo’s son. Abandoned by his mother. 

Carmen: (35 years old) a landscape designer, free spirit, big dreamer. 

Luca(33 years old) rebel, the black sheep. Wrong side of their father. Rogue.

John(mid 20’s) quiet brooder. Quiet and sweet.

Joey(20ish years old) goofball, the fun one, youthfully bold.

Rosa(20 years old) spoiled, pampered baby princess of the family

Footsteps (Pagano Family #1) by Susan Fanetti
To keep up to date on when more books in the series will be released click here.

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