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Tulsa, Oklahoma, Christmas 2001.

Roland “Fitz” Fitzgerald is having the worst holiday season of his life. His blood family is falling apart, and his chosen family is badly hurt and struggling to get back on its feet. He became a member of the Brazen Bulls MC to find brotherhood and a purpose for his life, but everywhere he turns, all he sees are dark shadows.

There was light in his life once, but he lost it long ago.

Kari Kovacs’ life isn’t perfect, but she’s content in it. She’s got her job, her friends, her family—most important of which is her young son, the light of her life. She devotes her attention to him and has decided neither she nor he needs more.

She had a different kind of love once, but she doesn’t let herself dwell on its loss.

On Thanksgiving Day, when Fitz is caught in a dark tempest of heartbreaking trouble, he runs into Kari. Their past rekindles at once. By New Year’s Day, their lives, and their futures, are full of light.

Note: This Christmas story takes place toward the end of Stand, Book 7 of the Brazen Bulls MC series, and is Book 7.5 of that series.




LIGHT is a Christmas gift from a favorite to her fans. ”For my readers. May your hearts be filled with light.” What a beautiful sentiment during this holiday season.

Light is Fitz & Kari’s love story. Their story is surrounded by the holiday season. A ‘Once upon a time’, where high school sweethearts went separate ways and now 9 years later they’ve run into each other. Many things transpired that lead to them not be in contact with each other for all those years.

Reading Light was an illuminating experience. It takes the reader on a journey of devotion and rekindling. One of finding lost love and holding onto brighter times when things aren’t favorable. The holiday spirit is spread throughout the story. The four generations weave in and out of the story creating a nostalgic Christmas feel.

LIGHT is a novella book that comes after Stand in Brazen Bulls MC series. You can read this series without having read any of the other MC series Ms. Fanetti has written, so far. This series is set back, in time, before her other series … it starts out in the ’90s and continues into the ’00s. Light is Susan Fanetti’s first Christmas book and I hope it won’t be her last. I love Christmas time because it means looking at Christmas lights, eating Christmas cookies, decorating the tree, etc. GET IN THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT AND READ THIS BOOK!

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TWIST | 1996 | Gunner & Leah
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BLAZE | 1998 | Simon & Deb
HONOR | 1999 | Apollo & Jacinda
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STAND | 2001 | Caleb & Cecily
LIGHT | 2001 | Fitz & Kari

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