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J.M. Darhower

MADEfrontTo quote Celia, “Wow. That was… wow.” I loved every single minute of this book. It’s a huge book and yet it didn’t feel long because it was so captivating.

MADE is Corrado’s life story. I read SEMPRE in 2012 and fell in love with the story. I was curious about Corrado in that story so when I saw the dedication in MADE I knew this book was for me:
To everyone out there who read Sempre and wanted to know more about a certain mysterious hitman. This is for you.

Made starts with a reporter asking Corrado, “What made you this way?” To which Corrado replies, “Sweetheart, I wouldn’t even know where to begin.” On the cover of the book Ms. Darhower wrote: Men are what their mothers made them.

Corrado is an enigma that leaves you swooning for him. He’s a man with a gun and no regard for his own life. His quiet strength and desensitized self is a scary combo. The only one who never saw him as a monster was Celia. She loved him from the first moment he spoke.

Celia is a firecracker, full of emotions. Being the bosses daughter she is use to getting what she wants when she wants it. I loved how she’s a strong woman who doesn’t back down to anyone. Her sarcastic humor had me cracking up. The banter between the two of them felt genuine. When Corrado complained about a situation out of their control she had a witty comeback for him, “You’re such a hopeless romantic, Corrado Moretti. It’s amazing more women don’t swoon over you.”


No sappy romance will be found between the pages of this book. Instead you will find a romance between two characters who love each other deeply and make sacrifices to be together. Their devotion to each other had me swooning. “I’m a lot of things, Celia DeMarco, but I’m not this. I’ll cheat the law, I’ll cheat on my taxes, I’ll try my damnedest to cheat death, but never… never… will I cheat on you.”

J.M. Darhower’s created one of my favorite books of 2014 with this story. I can’t stop thinking about how phenomenal Madewas and how this story will stick with me long after I close the pages of the book. So my final advice- READ IT!!!

WAIT: I have one more thing to say that comes from Winnie the Pooh, “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” Even though I didn’t want their story to end I’m glad I read it.

RELEASE DATE: October 27, 2014
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Continuing story

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Made is connected to the Sempre series, it is NOT a sequel. It is a spin-off prequel and can be as a standalone, although it will contain spoilers for the Sempre books.

**Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.**

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Made - friends (a sempre novella)

J.M. Darhower is the USA Today bestselling author of books about the hottest hit men and the women who find some hope in them. She lives in a tiny town in rural North Carolina, where she churns out more words than will ever see the light of day. She has a deep passion for politics and speaking out against human trafficking, and when she isn’t writing (or fangirling) she’s usually ranting about those things. Chronic crimper with a vulgar mouth, she admits to having a Twitter addiction. You can usually always find her there.

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    1. I read Sempre but I also didn’t read the second book. This book (MADE) is my favorite of JM Darhower. One of my faves for the year.

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