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Welcome to our stop on the Meet Your Next Book Heroine tour! I’m highlighting the Brazen Bulls MC series from Susan Fanetti.

The Brazen Bulls MC is a new series that started in December 2016.  The series begins in 1995.  Which for us who were young adults in the 90’s that concept is appealing. To go back when pagers were all the rage and cell phones would be starting to make an appearance.  The technology was really starting to show up in our everyday lives more and more with people starting to get personal computers, etc.   

Currently, there are 5 books published and the 6th one releases on June 2, 2018. 

Book 1 is CRASH


Crash starts out intense and continues that way until the end of the book. Willa and Rad meet under less than desirable circumstances. Their shared experience bonds these two strangers together. 

”Since she’d joined Rad’s life, she’d taken her hands off the wheel – or the handlebars – and was just enjoying the thrill of the ride, hoping they wouldn’t CRASH headlong into disaster.”

Despite their horrific first meeting, these two were an amazing couple. Both complimented each other’s weaknesses and strengthens. It was like the universe was waiting for just the right moment to push these two together. 


Book 2 is TWIST

TWIST is more than merely a title of this story it’s both a physical and a mental theme that runs throughout the story. Being twisted up inside your own head because of loss and loneliness, and twisted up because a tornado has wreaked havoc on your life leads to trying to find outlets for the emptiness that rules your life. 

Gunner & Leah are two souls searching to fill the void left in their life with something that will make them feel whole again. Each has their own struggles that they’ve kept hidden from the world.


Book 3 is SLAM

Maverick is doing time in the state pen where he’s had no contact with the outside world except for a couple brief meetings with his Bulls brother, Gunner. In the previous book, we get to meet Mav when Gunner has a brief meeting with him while he’s still in prison. At that moment I knew I was sold on needing his book.

SLAM is not wrapped up in a neat little bow, but instead, it’s a story that takes you through the struggles of the mc life and prison life. At the core of the Brazen Bulls series is family. A family isn’t always determined by blood but can be those people you choose to allow in your life. You can read this series without having read any of the other MC series Ms. Fanetti has written, so far. This series is set back, in time, before her other series … in the 90’s.


Book 4 is BLAZE

Who doesn’t already love this pairing?! There’s something about when the lives of city and country people collide that I always enjoy. It probably started with my enjoyment of Aesop’s Fables: the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. Two distinctly different worlds trying to meld together. Our city guy, Simon, is in his 30’s and has no desire to settle down. Our country girl, Deb, is already in her 30’s. When she was in her 20’s she moved back home to take care of her dad and help with the farm after a tragedy hit their family and she never left. 

The Bulls have trouble knocking at their front door. The mc is in the middle of a war with their rivals and things are very heated. They’re going to need to find the strength to emerge from the ashes to be able to rise up stronger. I spent a lot of time saying, “Wow!” because of what was happening to them. Some moments were so intense that I had to take a mental break because I was too nervous to flip the page.


Book 5 is HONOR

Apollo is one sexy beast of a man. His sheer size appealed to me because he never used his size to try and control a situation with his love interest, Jacinda. He did, however, use his good looks to manipulate women prior to meeting his match with Jacinda.

Apollo’s dad summed up the essence of this book:

“Then I’m not disappointed in you. I know you’re a good man. I trust in that. And I know that sometimes doing the thing that’s supposed to be right sits wrong on a man’s heart. I also know that too many people follow the rules and still treat the world like a garbage heap. I don’t care about rules. I care about honor. That’s how you’d let me down, son. If you acted without honor. Even if you were following the rules.”


COMING SOON Book 6 is FIGHT releasing on June 2, 2018



PICK UP THIS SERIES AND READ IT! By clicking on each cover above you can read a preview.  Don’t miss out on some powerful mc romance. 

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