My daughter meets her favorite author – Rick Riordan @camphalfblood

Have you noticed the new feature on Facebook called ON THIS DAY?  It shows your old post and pictures for that day.  On Tuesday Facebook showed me a post from 5 years ago when my eldest daughter met her favorite author. We live 2 hours from the book signing and she had a doctors appointment that day.  Our amazing friends went and stood in line for us to get her a ticket for the signing that evening.  Below are the pictures and what was written with each picture.


They handed out 1,000 tickets (they had more people than they had tickets). Samantha was blessed to get ticket 29 and 30 because of our friends who stood in line for hours to get Samantha a ticket while she was at the doctors in Portland.
samantha -RR (tix)

It was crazy with all the fans. (Sam’s not in this photo)
RR - signing books

It was like a slaughter house….walk up get book sign…move on. They were trying to get 1,000’s of fans through the line quickly.

S getting her book signed

And onto to the next person.

onto the next person

The whole in side and outside of the store was packed with people waiting to get a book signed.

packed store

more chaos

The rules!

the rules

And my favorite picture of my goofy girl.
At dinner! (holding her signed copy of her book).

goofy kids

Hard to believe that was 5 years ago!
We took the extra ticket and went outside and handed the ticket to someone who didn’t originally get a ticket.
Yes, she still likes reading books by Rick Riordan.

Any Rick Riordan fans on here?  Favorite book or movie of his? If you want to see his books click here.

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4 thoughts on “My daughter meets her favorite author – Rick Riordan @camphalfblood

  1. That is such a great memory. Unfortunately I am the sole reader in my family. My boys read because they have to not because they want to. Brings a tear to my eye…where did I go wrong????

    Love this, thanks for sharing 🙂 ♥

    1. Only my daughter is the reader in my family. The other two kids could care less. I feel like you. #MomFailure!

      Hard to believe that was 5 years ago. She looks so young. 🙂

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