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My most read authors!

Posted on Mar 4, 2017 by in fun | 11 comments

My friend, Alleskelle from Alleskelle Blogs But Mostly Reads created this fun graphic that shows my most read authors!  I’m actually not surprised by the authors that are on the top of my list because when I find a series I like I tend to binge read it.

Who are your most-read authors?  

To find this out go to your Goodreads page and at the top of the page there’s a tab called MY BOOKS (click that). Scroll down the page and on the left side you’ll see – MOST READ AUTHORS (click that).


    • I agree! It was fun to see who I read the most.

    • Ha ha!! I could have guessed that!! I didn’t even realize she had that many books out. I have some catching up to do.


    • Right!!! Who is yours?

  2. I love this graph! What a great idea. I checked out my stats after seeing this. What an eye-opener 😀

    • Alleskelle is so talented. 🙂
      It’s fun to look and see who we like to read. Who was on the top of your list?

  3. could you ask you friend what kind of app she used for this graph? I would love to do something smimilar, its’ such a neat idea. 😀

    • I’ll see what I can figure out. 🙂

    • Here is how she did it: did a quick mock up on Photoshop using screenshots of my list on goodreads. <3

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