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Susan Fanetti


A young American woman arrives in Paris to change her life.
A young Englishman living in Paris needs to change his.
A chance encounter will change them both forever.

After Cora Harlowe arrives home early one day and learns the life she’d been living was not as she’d believed, she escapes to Paris to regroup. She’s always wanted to visit the city and had hoped to honeymoon there. But things didn’t work out that way.

Now she’s alone in the City of Light, the City of Love, trying to decide if she can make an expatriate life work, or if she’s merely on a honeymoon alone.

Oliver Ward, a dual citizen of France and England, has been living in Paris for years, regularly entertaining his assorted American friends from his days at university in the States. The youngest son of an English marquess, he’s been living the self-indulgent life of the idly rich, but lately that life has lost much of its luster.

He knows he needs to do, and be, more. To be better. Trouble is, he doesn’t know how.

Cora and Oliver meet on a tour of the Eiffel Tower. The attraction is instantaneous, and they spend an evening together made for fairy tales. But they will both have to learn who they are for themselves, and for each other, before their tale can find its happy ending.


I loved starting off the New Year in Paris. I felt like I was there with the character watching the lights on the Eiffel Tower at night. It felt very magical. The descriptions in Love & Other Lessons were the best for transporting you to Paris.
After multiple life-crushing circumstances Cora, an American, hops a plane with a one-way ticket to Paris. “I haven’t decided yet whether I’m taking a break from my life or starting a new one.” ~Cora

Oliver is a dual citizen of France and England and is currently living in France. “My mother is French. She married an Englishman. Their children, four sons, of whom I am the youngest, all hold dual citizenship.” ~Oliver

Cora & Oliver’s meet cute isn’t one that made Cora’s heart swoon but instead the opposite. Oliver’s former college mates come to Paris for a wild week. The guys sign up for a tour of the Effiel Tower and so does the new-to-town Cora. The guys were obnoxious and annoyed everyone on the tour. At that point, it became a time of reflection for Oliver to see how the others on tour with them reacted to their shenanigans.

Cora & Oliver, sort of, start out as enemies. Maybe not enemies but Cora really doesn’t want anything to do with any of these unpleasant guys.

I liked watching Oliver change her mind. Their road to romance is like a modern-day fairy tale. Like all fairy tales, there are ups and downs that make the story intriguing.

Read this STANDALONE! If you love contemporary romance and traveling to another country you’re in for a treat with this book.
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