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Susan Fanetti

Loneliness is all that Brenna has ever known. She doesn't expect that she will ever even know true companionship, let alone love. People say she was born with the mark of Odin, but Brenna feels it as a curse rather than a blessing. Those who would tell her she is favored by the Allfather are too afraid to look on her; she is apart from her people. Yet she has learned the power of her difference, and turned it to her advantage. She is a shieldmaiden, with a legendary reputation for her valor as well as for her godly gift.

Vali is a giant among his people, well-liked and respected. He is of the Úlfhéðnar, a berserker, one of Odin's own elite warriors, and one of the fiercest and bravest warriors to wield an axe or spear. He is the Storm-Wolf; his strength and ferocity are his gifts from the Allfather.

Fortune threw the two warriors together when they were but children. Fate brings them together again as warriors when two jarls ally for a raid into Estland. Again and again, Vali seeks Brenna out. He sees her; he sees the woman behind the whispers. More than that, he will not look away.

Vali has not forgotten the debt he owes Brenna from their very first meeting, and in seeking his opportunity to repay her, he finds a lonely, beautiful woman whose quiet strength captures his heart.

But the sagas do not sing of warriors who live quiet lives, or of love that does not know trial and tribulation.

Favored by the gods they may be, but that does not protect Brenna and Vali from the simple and devastating hardships of their lives. Their reputations cannot help them. It is their love that must become their legend.

God’s Eye by Susan Fanetti

★ ★ ★ ★


Historical romance lover? Vikings are HERE!

Can I speak honestly for a moment?

I was so uncertain about what to expect going into this book. I am not a big fan of Vikings … not that I have anything against them – I’ve just never had an overwhelming interest in them before now … so, my nerves were high, worrying that I might not fully appreciate this book, based on the subject matter.

Of course, I should have known better.

There are some really intense moments in this book. Full of a lot of action. And all authentic feeling. The history was obviously, really well researched (even though I know very little of it myself – I got the sense that it was as it should be).

I think what had worried me was that the story would be all dark and brutal history, with little room for romance. But, I’ve discovered that Vikings are a hell of a lot more romantic than I could have ever imagined.

The heroine, Brenna is easy to connect with. She is strong, independent and fierce. I seriously adored her. And the leading man, Vali … holy shit! This man is H-O-T. Their romance blossomed a little quickly, but I had to appreciate that once they knew what they wanted, they wasted no time on games or drama. The strong connection with these 2 definitely pulled on my heart-strings.

Kudos once again, Susan Fanetti. Well done!

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