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England, 1910.

Lady Nora Tate is a young woman caught between the expectations of her station and the demands of her own heart and mind. The noble world of her birth is a luxurious cage, locking her away from all she wishes to know and feel and do, the woman she wishes to be. All around her, the world is changing, and she fights to join it, even as she creates scandal with her every attempt to break free.

William Frazier is the scion of an American railroad tycoon, in England to seek new business opportunities for his family’s empire and visit his good friend, Lord Christopher Tate. With Chris as his guide, he tours the London Season, and meets his friend’s younger sister. He’s captivated at once by the lovely young lady with the sharp wit and searching eyes.

Raised by visionary parents, William sees Nora’s cage for what it is and admires her striving against constraint. But her world will neither free her, nor accept him. William would be her hero and save her, but Nora wants to save herself, if she can.

Set against the tumultuous cultural and political backdrop of the end of the Edwardian Era, on two continents and across an ocean, Nothing on Earth & Nothing in Heaven is a story about the deep love between a young woman finding her voice, and the man strong enough to stand at her side as she demands the right to use it.

This novel is a standalone.

Note: explicit sex.

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I finished Nothing on Earth & Nothing in Heaven a couple days ago and the book has been on my mind ever since.  Putting into words the way the book reached into my soul and touched me is hard to explain. The story pulled at my heartstrings as I read about what women had to go through to gain their voice and right to vote.

“I wonder what it would be like not to be ruled by men who think they know my interest better than I do.” 

Wow, I can’t imagine the world Nora lived in where it wasn’t okay to put a voice to their thoughts.  These late-19th and early-20th century suffragettes paved the way for us women today.  Nora’s struggle could have been any of ours had we lived during that time.

“She’s the hero of her story.”

Nora is the hero of her own story and this story.  She may be young and naive when the story starts but she grows and blossoms as times goes on.  Each trial that Nora endures gives the reader a little piece of what life was like for women during that time period.

Nothing on Earth & Nothing in Heaven could be categorized as a realistic historical fiction. The whole book felt real. When Nora suffered the reader suffered along with her as she fought for the right for women to vote.  Watching her and her love interest, William, struggle amidst the hardships suffragette’s endure had me in constant emotional turmoil.

Read this STANDALONE! Ms. Fanetti laid her heart out in this book and it’s a something we all can benefit from.  The power of her words sticks with you.  Thank you for such a meaningful book.


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