Play Dirty by @SandraBrown_NYT {review}

Play Dirty
Sandra Brown


A disgraced football quarterback, a Texas millionaire, an obsessed crooked detective―they all play the game, but not everyone can play to win. From the master of romantic suspense and bestselling author of Ricochet comes a gripping story of playing for passion, redemption, and love…with deadly consequences.

After five long years in federal prison, Griff Burkett is a free man. But the disgraced Cowboys quarterback can never return to the life he knew before he was caught cheating. In a place where football is practically a religion, Griff committed a cardinal sin, and no one is forgiving.

Foster Speakman, owner and CEO of SunSouth Airlines, and his wife, Laura, are a golden couple. Successful and wealthy, theirs was a charmed life before fate cruelly intervened and denied them the one thing they wanted most—a child. It’s said that money can’t buy everything. But it can buy a football player fresh out of prison and out of prospects.

The job Griff agrees to do for the Speakmans demands secrecy. But he soon finds himself once again in the spotlight of suspicion. An unsolved murder comes back to haunt him in the form of his nemesis, Stanley Rodarte, who has made Griff’s destruction his life’s mission. While safeguarding his new enterprise, Griff must also protect those around him, especially Laura Speakman, from Rodarte’s ruthlessness. Griff stands to gain the highest payoff he could ever imagine, but cashing in on it will require him to forfeit his only chance for redemption...and love.

Now Griff is playing a high-stakes game, and at the final whistle, one player will be dead. The clock is ticking and Griff’s future—his life—hinges on one last play.

Foxy’s Review:


It’s that time of the year again ➜ the SUPER BOWL!!! Play Dirty was my pick for a football book to get ready for the game on Sunday.

Griff is the former Dallas Cowboy quarterback who has just been released from prison. He did 5 years for his dirty playing on the football field. He was being paid to throw games. We meet Griff on his release day from prison. Unfortunately, the city of Dallas has not forgotten how Griff disgraced himself andAmerica’s Team.

Right away the plot takes off because Griff has been offered a secret business proposal from an affluent couple; the Speakmans. They own an airline and are highly regarded in the community. The business deal Mr. Speakman offers Griff is one that will assure that Griff will never have to worry about money again. BUT EVERYTHING MUST STAY BETWEEN THE THREE OF THEM. If anyone finds out about this deal Griff will no longer collect his yearly million dollars.

Legally the deal is legit but morally it leaves Griff questioning his self worth. At first the money appeals to him but as the task continues he is left feeling used.

A little over halfway through the story something happens that throws a huge wrench in this secret business deal. The suspense picks up and the reader is left wondering if Griff is guilty. All the evidence is stacking up against him. The author leaves the reader waiting for clues to figure out WHO and WHY they did it. Yes, it is resolved at the end of the story.

Mo has this way with her reviews that after I read them my interest is piqued. Since my romance genre reading didn’t start until three years ago I’ve never heard of most of these established authors until I look to see what Mo’s reading. Thanks, Mo, for always knowing what book to recommend to me.


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