Texas! Lucky by Sandra Brown {review}

Texas! Lucky
Texas! Tyler Family Saga
Sandra Brown

From Amazon.com:

Charismatic and easy on the eyes, Lucky Tyler is a born rebel. His romantic conquests have earned him his nickname, while his temper gives him his reputation as the family hothead. One night, he gets in a fight over a woman in distress, followed by a night of passion neither of them will soon forget. But the lady in question has a knack for disappearing. When news breaks of a suspicious fire at Tyler Drilling, Lucky is the prime suspect. Now the mystery woman is more than just the object of his obsession. She’s his alibi.

Devon Haines has tried her best to escape Lucky. Yet his bold pursuit and self-assurance are irresistible. In order to clear him of criminal charges, she must reveal her darkest secret; withholding her help could cost him everything he holds dear. Either way, she risks losing him forever.

Foxy’s Review:


Their relationship started out with a fist fight but turned into something worth fighting for! Lucky is the hottest bachelor in town. One of the rich locals has her sights set on him but he has no desires for her or marriage. While stopping by the bar on his way home he comes to the rescue of an out-of-towner, Devon, who is being hassled by some local jerks. Devon isn’t happy to have this local boy being all macho for her sake. Lucky doesn’t see it as being macho but instead as second nature (his mother taught him- you look out for the opposite sex).

While these two are together, right after he saves her from the bar thugs, there is a fire set to Lucky’s family’s business that the investigators believe he is responsible for setting to collect the insurance policy.

Devon has skipped town and given Lucky a false name making it hard to track her down. When Lucky finds her his world is rocked because of the secret she she is harboring. Regrettably that secret is what makes her reluctant to be his alibi. She’s his only alibi.

Texas! Lucky unfortunately underwhelmed me. It may be that this book is 24 years old or the plot was too cliche for me. I’m not sure but the drama surrounding this couple barely held my attention. Devon kept bringing up her “responsibility” that would have been an easy to fix but instead she drug it out and made it more than it needed to be.

I’ve read a couple of Sandra Brown’s ‘newer’ romantic suspense books and I’ve enjoyed them. So when I saw the audio for this one offered at my library I figured I’d give it a try. It was listed as a romance and out of sheer curiosity to see how Ms. Brown would write a purely romance book I check it out. After reading this book I’ve decided I will stick to her “newer” stuff.

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