Podcasts #3 for your listening pleasure


Below are some podcasts that I’ve recently listened to:


My oldest and I were talking about how “bossy” the women are in our family.  And I reminded her how our friend, Sara, talked about how it’s not okay to call women bossy because no one calls a man bossy.  My husband overheard us and told us that he recently heard a podcast about leadership which address the way women are perceived in leadership roles. Below is that podcast.

“What are the messages we tell our daughters?”
Episode: June 2, 2017
Disruptive Leadership

“In this hour, TED speakers talk about what it takes to become a leader and shake up the status quo. TED speakers include Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, General Stanley McChrystal, educator Bunker Roy, entrepreneur and writer Seth Godin, and leadership advocate Drew Dudley. (Original broadcast date: January 17, 2014)”



Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips

“Your friendly guide to the world of grammar, punctuation, usage, and fun developments in the English language.”

Her podcasts are like the title indicates; quick!  The one above is about when to capitalize directions.   She sums it up this way:

To sum it up, if a directional term is the name of a region, capitalize it. If it’s just a compass point, lowercase it. If you’re unsure, check a dictionary or style guide. And if you can’t find an answer, keep it lowercase.


And to help out the listener more she offers some practice sentences on her website to test your understanding, here.


Over the last year, I’ve heard different people talk about following the minimalist lifestyle.  Out of curiousity I looked them up and scrolled through their podcast.  As I was looking at all the titles one stood out to me.  It’s the only one of theirs I’ve listened to and because I liked it so much I’ve listened to it a few times; Writing.

I’ve included the podcast above.  It’s an hour long and goes by pretty quickly because they offer practical tips anyone can put into practice.   You don’t have to be someone who writes for a profession to need some improvement in your writing skills.  I agree with what they were saying on how in today’s age of technology everyone is a writer.  We write every day on different social media sites.  It could be as simple as a  Facebook status or more elaborate as a blog post.  The majority of the people reading this blog post text.  Text messages are simple to compose but can convey the wrong message if autocorrect changes words in the text message.  Taking the extra 10 seconds to reread your text message before hitting is a quick and simple way improve your writing.  Enough with my babble, the whole everyone is a writer and can improve their skills concept is better explained in the podcast.

Well, that’s it for now.

Let me know if you listen to any Podcast and if so which ones do you listen to.

Want more podcasts to check out? Click here.




Author: Foxy

5 thoughts on “Podcasts #3 for your listening pleasure

  1. I listen to The Minimalists every week. Glad to see them included on your list. Will check out the other two, as they sound interesting.

  2. I listen to Grammar Girl and The Minimalists! I adore Grammar Girl and I am a freak for grammar now especially since I got my masters in Foreign Language Education and The Minimalists were life changing for me! I got to meet them in Miami about two years ago!

    1. Wow, I’m jealous you got to meet them. 🙂
      Congrats on your masters. That sounds like an intriguing degree.
      Do you have any other podcast you enjoy?

    2. Did you get a free and transferable hug? Have you watched their documentary on Netflix…”Minimalism”?
      Glad you got to meet them, I think they are doing an awesome job spreading the word. I could never pack like JFM does for weeks on the road. 🙂

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