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A popular question that gets asked when someone reads a book by a Christian author is- is this book religious? A simple one word answer would be, “Yes.” It’s written by a Christian writer about a biblical time period. It has biblical principles throughout the story. The story takes place 40 years after Jesus was persecuted. Being a Christian was a scary thing during that time period because if you were found out that meant you would be fed to the lions as entertainment for the Romans.

To understand A VOICE IN THE WIND it is important to know a little bit about the four major characters in the story.

Hadassah: her family is killed and she’s taken from her home and put into slavery. She was born a Jew (being a Jew is both a Nationality and religion) and no one suspects that she is a Christian. She’s seen as a non threat because of her plain looks but it’s her inner beauty that draws people to her. She’s also Julia’s faithful, humble, and obedient servant.

Marcus Valarian: is a wealthy man in his early 20’s. In our modern world we would consider him a manwhore because he has a different woman all the time. He is very handsome and has an air of confidence about himself.

Julia Valerian: Marcus’s teenage sister. She’s spoiled, selfish, and vain. Her outer beauty is the envy of many women and catches the eyes of many men.

Atretas: a warrior in his country he is taken and made into a gladiator. He’s treated like an animal; caged and forced to fight and kill to stay alive. All this is done for the entertainment of the Romans. He’s fueled by his hatred of Romans and what they’ve done by taking him from his homeland.


The beginning of this story is not what will draw you to it. It’s like reading the Old Testament where you are learning about the history of what is happening. Once you get past that part… the story takes off. So, if you start the book and feel like maybe this isn’t for you because it drags a little just know once you are about a fifth of the way into the book you’ll have a hard time putting it down.

My all-time favorite book is Redeeming Love which happens to be by this author. I was asked if this book surpasses Redeeming Love as my favorite. Here’s the thing, RL is pure romance…about one couple. While AVITW is about several people and it’s filled with so much scandal that my jaded self loved it. But I can’t pick which one I love more because it feels like picking a favorite kid and who does that?!

But don’t let the words “Christian fiction” hold you back from giving this book a try. This book has: manwhores, backstabbers, murderers, gladiators, schemers, aborters, forbidden romance, and the list goes on.

A Voice in the Wind (Mark of the Lion, #1) by Francine Rivers An Echo in the Darkness (Mark of the Lion, #2) by Francine Rivers As Sure as the Dawn (Mark of the Lion, #3) by Francine Rivers
A continuing story.


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