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Susan Elizabeth Phillips


Honey Jane Moon is a scrappy little know-it all—brave, smart, but ill-prepared to become the most famous child star in America, even though she’s not quite as young as everyone believes. It won’t take her long to drive the men in her life crazy. There’s Eric Dillion, a smoldering bad boy and one of Hollywood’s most gifted actors. And Dash Coogan, the last of the cowboy heroes, a man trapped on a screen too small to contain a legend. When Honey falls in love, she’ll do it the only way she knows how—with all her heart.


AN OLDIE BUT A GOODIE! High friend ratings and the audio being available at the library was the reason why I grabbed this one.

At first, I wasn’t too sure if this story would touch me. Honey Moon, yes that was her name, is in her teen years when the story starts. In my opinion, she’s a pretty annoying teen. The story was good but not great at this point. I contemplated why I saw 5-star friend ratings for this book but then part way through the book it expanded into something deeper which caught my attention.

Let’s just say I was flabbergasted when one of the main male characters was accused of an unspeakable act that reshaped his future. Upon meeting this character early on in the story I had no real interest in him because he seemed superficial but after the incident that broke him I saw a whole new growth develop from this character. At times my heart broke for him as he struggled to come to terms with what the future would hold for him. He basically had his whole world ripped from him and his pain was unbearable.

About the same time, in the story, Honey also experienced a life altering event that changed her outlook on life and her ability to cope. To deal with this new circumstance in her life she went back her roots where she found the will to conquer the world.

For both of these characters, the thing that brought them back to the living was BLACK THUNDER. An old wooden rollercoaster that allowed them to face their fears and feel alive again.

I’m grateful I stuck with the story to see what it had to offer. Even though this book is “old” give it a whirl and see what you think.


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      1. Match me if you can was the first one I read and that book was my insta love for SEP . I’m lucky enough that my native publishers were or let me say are translated all of her books and I’m a proud owner of all of them.

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