REVIEW: Jesus Freaks by Andrea Randall

Jesus Freaks
Jesus Freaks
Andrea Randall

Foxy’s Review:

★ ★ ★ ★

Jesus Freaks is penned by the same author who wrote, In The Stillness, which I loved. So, I was curious when I saw the title to this book what kind of story the author would create.

Scandal and legacy!
Kennedy is a byproduct of sin. She was born out of wedlock and her birth father signed away his parental rights. Harsh! Maybe?!But Roland had his reasons why he gave her up.


Coming to Jesus meeting.
As a young man he spiraled downhill until one particular moment brought him to his knees. That “coming to Jesus” moment turned his life around. Now, he’s a popular televangelist who’s also a guest speaker at the college Kennedy is going to attend.

One foot in the world and one foot in the Word.
Kennedy was raised to be an independent woman. Her mom is more of a liberal Christian then a conservative Christian. Kennedy is a lip ring wearing girl entering a college with strict rules from skirts that are knee length to no public displays of affection.

Seek and you shall find.
Kennedy doesn’t want anyone to know her birth father is the famous Pastor Abbot. Up to this point the public knows about his sin but they don’t know the specifics. To respect her wishes they don’t let people know their secret when she starts college. Why she chose this college was her curiosity to know her father… both her biblical and birth father.

Oh what’s love got to do, got to do with it. What’s love but a second hand emotion!
I’m a romantic at heart. I love my books to have some element of romance in it. Even if it’s just a small piece. Jesus Freaks was missing that element for me. My romantic heart kept trying to link Kennedy up with different guy friends at her college. Fortunately, Jesus Freaks does not end in this book, there’s a book 2. Maybe she finds romance in that book.

Just for fun.
“Blimey Cow” has a ton of good-natured Christian videos. This video is The Top 15 Christian Clichés ->

Jesus Freaks  Sins of the Father (Jesus Freaks #1) by Andrea Randall Jesus Freaks  The Prodigal (Jesus Freaks #2) by Andrea Randall
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